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Darwin Smash Repairs – 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting a Panel Beater

We know that all manner of difficulties can arise in the aftermath of car crashes. One of the most important questions that people usually need assistance with is whom they should turn to when it comes to smash repairs. Unfortunately, it isn’t always as simple as finding the nearest automotive repair shop. This is especially the case when a panel beater is required.

If you require a panel beater, it’s important that certain questions are asked so you end up employing the best panel shop you can.

Smash Repairs Darwin

When it comes to smash repairs in Darwin there are some great options. At Coconut Grove Panel and Paint we are used to dealing with vehicles damaged from minor dents to complete rebuilds. More often than not we will be able to fix your car and get it back on the road quickly, often within 3 days.

The very best techniques with state of the art equipment will be used during the repair process, ensuring that the bodywork of the car measures up to what our customers require. Our panel beaters are amongst the best smash repairers Darwin has to offer, but if for any reason you find yourself outside of the NT and need to find a reliable panel beater to get your car back into shape, the following are some questions that really ought to be asked.

What You Need to Know

The vast majority of people who need smash repairs conducted on their car tend to feel completely out of their element. A strong knowledge of the inner workings of auto repair teams is not something that too many people have. Therefore, it is a tendency for customers to forget that they have the right to dictate a few aspects of the process. An increasingly common tendency is to examine customer reviews online in order to determine where to have the car fixed. A good smash repairer should have excellent online reviews from satisfied customers. Do not be afraid to ask to see testimonials from satisfied customers. A good testimonial should provide proof that the panel shop you intend to use is a reputable one.

1. Standards

The first and most important element of the process is making sure that the standards of the company being used are solid. This can seem difficult, especially to people with the previously mentioned lack of knowledge in the area, but there are ways around this. Always ask the panel beater to go into some detail about how they will repair the vehicle. Although, some of this will be too complex or simply too foreign to follow, the more that they talk about it, the more you can begin to understand the process. This is particularly important when the damages that have been done are fairly severe.

If you have any particular worries about how the car will turn out, highlight these worries and ask about them. If the paint was badly scratched, ask if it will all be matching again when they finish with it. Point out the issues as you see them and check that they will be tackled.

It might be wise to make a quick mental note of the aspects of the damage that concern you most. This way you can check with any prospective smash repairs team to be certain that they will be able to deal with the problem. As basic an approach as this may seem, it can on occasion, draw the attention of the smash repairs company to something that they might not have otherwise noticed.

2. Cost/Insurance

Probably the most worrisome part of the process is the cost of smash repairs. This can vary greatly depending on your situation, but the panel beater should be a source of guidance. The order of events can change the exact questions that need to be asked, but if you have sought out your own repairer, you should find out if they would be willing to contact your insurance company. In the best-case scenario, your panel beater will be able to have direct correspondence with your insurers and be willing to help you to make the claim. Sometimes, though, the burden falls back on you.

All of this can be worked around, but what is crucial, is that you know the situation as soon as possible. So ask. Do not get in a position where you have agreed to have the car fixed before having the insurance company contacted.

There is another issue to consider on the matter of cost and insurance. Keep in mind that the insurance company, and in some cases the smash repairs company, are heavily motivated by profit. There can be benefits to them by trying to cut costs. Try to make sure that this will not be a focus of the people who are working for you. The pivotal thing is to get the vehicle properly fixed. If at any point you are given reason to believe that shortcuts are being taken, then it is advisable to take immediate action and directly question the situation. The more trust that can be built between you and the repair company the better the outcome for you.

3. Duration

It can be highly frustrating to be off the road, especially when you are used to using your vehicle to get from place to place. For this reason, you should ask how long the repairs are expected to take. This is something that will vary greatly, not just because of different levels of damage, but also because of different sizes of smash repairers and their skill set.

If you need the car back by a certain date then ask if it will be ready. If they are unwilling to make guarantees and it is an absolute requirement for you, then at least check other potential smash repairs teams.

A quick repair turn around could prove impossible and that is where loan cars can come in handy.

4. Loan Cars

This may not be a decisive factor for everyone who is searching for a panel beater, yet sometimes it is the convenience that makes one company more appealing than another. Some companies will offer cars for loan while they work on yours. It is not uncommon for insurance policies to offer free loan vehicles while yours is being fixed. Do not forget to ask whether this is available. If it is, a number of the day-to-day troubles of having a car serviced can simply disappear.

5. Updates

One thing that is frequently quoted as a positive in terms of customer feedback is the regularity of updates. Naturally, smash repairs crews are busy making improvements to your car and others, making it not feasible for them to be constantly on the phone with live updates. That said most people like to know how things are moving along. Some companies are vastly superior to others for keeping customers in the loop. If daily updates are something that you might consider beneficial, then ask for them.

Most places will not expect this to be part of the process, but might well be willing to keep you posted to that extent if you ask them to. Given that a steady string of up-to-the-minute information is something that more and more customers appreciate, just request it of your chosen panel beaters. If they cannot guarantee you that, then you can always look elsewhere if it is a high-priority factor for you.
Final Thoughts

These are five issues that should be addressed before selecting a panel beater. If the right questions are asked before the process begins, then both the professionals and the customers should be able to work well together in order to produce the best possible results with limited levels of stress.

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